Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pest And Rabbit Disease

Boil Rata PenuhCause: the happening of dirty blood collecting in skin.
Control: surgery and dirty blood expenditure furthermore is given jodium.

Cause: darcoptes scabiei.
Phenomenon: marked with ulceration at body.
Control: with ointment antibiotic.

Cause: dirt sticking at skin.
Control: use ointment/powder salicyl.

Ear disease
Cause: flea.
Control: dribble vegetable oil.

Head skin disease
Cause: mushroom.
Phenomenon: emerge a kind of scales in head.
Control: with sulphur powder.

Eye disease
Cause: bacteria and dust.
Phenomenon: wet eye and have water then.
Control: with eye ointment.

Cause: secretory milk a little/not can out.
Phenomenon: putting ossify and hot when held.
Control: without wean child too sudden.

Cause: virus.
Phenomenon: have water nose then.
Control: spraying antiseptik in nose.

Cause: bacteria pasteurella multocida.
Phenomenon: narrow breath, eye and ear kebiruan.
Control: given to drink sul-q-nox.

Defecate blood
Cause: protozoa eimeira.
Phenomenon: desire eats to lost thin body stomach expands and blood diarrhoea.
Control: given to drink sulfaquinxalin dose 12 ml in 1-liter water.

Pest in rabbit usually is a predator from doggish rabbit.

In general prevention and pest and disease control and disease is done with watch over stable environment cleanliness, appropriate woof gift and fulfill nutrient and evasion as soon as may be ill livestock.

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